BSOD on USBPORT.SYS and other drivers

By polocanada
Jul 1, 2009
  1. Just to add to the topic on this post... hope it helps someone.

    http ://www . techspot . com /vb/topic43186 . html

    Some people have new machines and particularly notebooks with SSD type of RAM preinstalled in form of Intel's Turbo Memory Chips, Robsons memory (ReadyDrive in Vista) or any PCI-e cards and similar cards and ReadyBoost enabled...

    Some people even use Virtual RamDisks. In case you use any of the above you can't wonder if ocassional BSOD occurs. It comes and goes. Reason is the above toys use additional drivers to modify how system operates.

    If you use above toys, you can't wonder there are sometimes BSODs. In that case the best way to prevent them is to backup your sytem, apply regular updates to Bios, drivers, Windows etc - and in particular do regular scan the SSD drives, Readydrives etc..for any Errors.

    That was problem at least in my case and after scanning my toys there are alomost no BSODs anymore. My BSODs were always when removing or attaching USB docking station. Now instead of 3-5 BSODs per day I only have maybe max. 5 per year. And I imagine they are all caused because of the above toys.

    PS - it's annoying I can't even post a link in this forum because I have to have post count 5 to be able to do that. I inderstand it's antispam. But whatfor are captchas then?
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    Was this a procedural advisory from polocanada, or in response to a request made on TechSpot? Since you posted twice, was this requested information?
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