BSOD problem with 7 and now XP, why?

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May 14, 2009
  1. Okay so one of my friends recently tried out the Win7 RC that was released by MS a couple of days ago. Ever since he started using Win7 he started getting random BSODs. He tried everything possible to stop the bsods but couldn't find a solution so he went back to good old XP.

    Now here is the problem. PRIOR to installing in Win7 he has had ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS with his PC. WinXP was super stable. He never had a problem at all with his computer. When he installed XP back, the same blue screens that happened in Win7 is now happening in XP. Why is this occurring? Can anyone shed some light on this subject?

    EDIT: anyone know a good program that can read mini dump files? I remember there being a link on this forum for one, but that was a long time ago. The thread is probably gone.

    EDIT2: He is currently running an X2 5800, 2GB of ram with a 7600GT on a m2v-mx asus board.

    EDIT 3: I'm pretty new at this mini dump stuff, I really don't know how to read dump files so if anyone can help out I'd really appreciate it. This is my first time uploading mini dumps file so i hope i did it right.

    EDIT 4: Just incase, my friend is using safe mode right now. Seems to be a lot more stable in this mode. Maybe this can shed some light on the subject. Also i should of put this down on my original post, he has reinstalled XP numerous times to rule out a bad install. That doesn't seem to be the case. Even on a fresh clean install xp constantly bsods on him.
  2. fastco

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    Did he do a complete reformat/clean install when he went back to XP?
    Windbg is what you need to read minidumps. Make sure you use the correct path for the symbols.
  3. kimsland

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  4. Aolish

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    According to him, yes he did a COMPLETE FORMAT before he installed in WinXP.

    thx really appreciate it!
  5. davisjaron

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    did he download the RC straight from microsoft or did he download it somewhere else? He may have gotten a corrupt copy, read front page news on techspot.
  6. Aolish

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    He got it straight from the microsoft site.

    I have uploaded 5 out of 8 mini dump files that my friend gave me. Please Help if anyone can. He is a very good friend of mine that I would like to further help out!
  7. wildman6801

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    After looking at the Kernel Dump, I see that the culprit is ntoskrnl.exe which is the windows XP kernel. I would suggest to first do a chkdsk on the C drive as this might cause this kind of kernel crash. Make sure to use the /r option. Go to the Command Prompt and enter in "chkdsk c: /r" It will ask if you want to schedule it when you reboot the system. Make sure to accept this. It will require a reboot of the computer. It may take several hours. If it doesn't work than I would suggest to do a clean install of Windows XP. Format the drive, make sure to do a full format not a quick format and install Windows XP again. I'm thinking that something went wrong during the install process and corrupted the Windows XP kernel.
  8. Aolish

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    He has read the thread and will do it... I will reply back with results. Thanks for the suggestion. In regardless to the full format. Yes, he has reinstalled XP many times with the FULL (long) format option. Please anyone else feel free to help!

    EDIT: Okay, so he did the check disc and unfortunately it did not help. The check disc reported 0 bad sectors in his drive. He still gets BSODs in his normal windows sessions. Anyone else can give any suggestions?

    EDIT2: I have uploaded 2 more mini dumps of his. This is using XP x64. Surprisingly he was able to use his comp for much longer before it bsod on him again. Frankly I am at a total loss.
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