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Jan 11, 2007
  1. Ello peeps I know that you guys are all superb genii! (Spot the *** kissing)

    Anyhoo I keep getting a BSOD. It happens every now and again and only happens when am browing the web and streaming video... Which is strange, music vids youtube etc that sort of thing (Oh and obligatory porn every once in a while of course)

    Windows XP Aureon 5:1 sound card AMD Athlon 4200+Dual core 2GiG nanya PC3200 DDR ram @ 412MHZ

    always the same error message too as follows:


    STOP: 0x0000000D1 (OxOOOO1OOO, OxOOOOOOOO, OxB92D2C41

    Cmaudio.sys Address B92D2C41 Base@ B92C2000 DateStamp 415d01e2

    Now I have tried unistalling drivers re-installing them disabling onboard sound in the bios and basically everything that I can think of so now I come to the "Pro's" In the vein hope that I can gleen some knowledge from the guys in the know...

    Many thanks for your assistance in this rather annoying matter..
  2. Goalie

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    Ok.. since you kissed the only part of the body I haven't had kissed yet today (w00t) I guess I'll try to help. Afraid I won't have the answer, but I'm really hoping to maybe get you started in the right direction.

    Ok, not to be patronizing, but have you tested your RAM recently? It's always a safe question when it comes to BSODs, but in this case I'm thinking it's not too relevant.

    Now for the random remotely related question section of my post:

    Is it ALWAYS the same blue screen message (save the base or datestamp?)

    You say you disabled the onboard sound- what if you remove the card and use onboard?

    If you look in the event viewer, do you have any remotely related application errors?

    What motherboard do you have?

    You "uninstalled the drivers"... how did you do this? Did you remove the device from the device manager, restart, and let windows reinstall? (Suggested method.) Best if you have a driver CD, and tell windows to use that driver no matter what.

    Just a few start places to look- maybe they'll inspire us in the right direction. Look forward to hearing back form you.
  3. SNeaKY_BuGGeR

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    BSOD's probs

    Right as regards the ram I found that i had the timings at the same as if they were running at lower speed.. ie 2.5 3 3 7

    I have now adjusted them to 3 3 3 8 as the readout in cpuz suggests.
    I have also adjusted the clock timings to 2.3 gig on the processor and also tweaked the voltage of the core slightly. I am not a big overclocker and have found that the mem read speed is superb with this ram at nearly 6.4G/s

    The MoBo is a Gigabyte K8N Pro SLI Nforce 4 Board and I have the very latest Bios (F9) I believe it is.

    Disconnecting the sound card and using the onboard is not an option. Realtec 97 sounds to me tinny and no where near as good as the one that I have.. Although the drivers for Aureon are not WHQL certified and I may get the **** ache with them and replace it with a WHQL certified sound blaster card etc.... dunno bout that...

    I have an X1900XTX graphics card (Radeon) and have the very latest drivers for that too.
  4. Goalie

    Goalie TS Booster Posts: 616

    Sorry.. I should have been more clear.. while the onboard definitely will be a painful experience.. it will be a TEST! Just run for a day, a week (the longer the better. I'd say 5x the average period between blue screens..) If you make it clear, we know where to be looking for a culprit.

    While you know what you're doing with overclocking more than I do.. have you actually run memtest86+ against the sticks, is what I was getting at..

    The cmaudio.sys file is related to the onboard sound, not the card. What I'm GUESSING at the moment is the two cards are conflicting. But, I need further testing to help verify it (even beyond disabling in the bios.)

    Did you remove from device manager and restart? Seriously, that can help.

    Also, is it ALWAYS the same blue screen? And does the event viewer provide details? The more information you can give us the more likely I (or someone else) is to have a solution for you! (but of course, you want to find it yourself and post it here for google search result glory some day. ;)
  5. SNeaKY_BuGGeR

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    ello buddy....

    Right thanks for that to start with,

    I found that I had still installed on my computer the realtec97 drivers in the programmes list.. So i have swiftly removed them and also deleted the registry keys so they are deffo gone now so far it has not BSOD'd me I have tested it a few times and it seems to be stable.

    However like you said to me time will tell so i believe that you are on the right track perhaps the computer was trying to start the onboard soundcard and crashing because windows was trying to use them when the bios has them disabled.. and yes the stop error does vary slightly in content with the oooooo bits and the order of the numbers too.

    However it is always the same message and always cmaudio.sys too. This makes me thnk that windows is trying to access the onboard sounds and because they are disabled it can't and therefore crashes..... dunno perhaps I am wrong but I do not think that having the software still installed for running the card even though it is disabled in the bios is a good thing.. Thus it is now completely removed from my system.

    I will have to test the ram but i have everest home edition and I have used the stress system test on numerous occasions and even left it going for 2-3hrs before with no ill effects. my core temp maxed out at 55c with 100% load and I was stressing everything including the hard drives too. but it stayed stable and never crashed so I thought that it was fine..
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