BSOD's on my pc

By The Beholder · 11 replies
Jun 7, 2006
  1. Hi,
    I am fairly new to this forum so I hope I posted this topic in the right part of the forum.

    I am having some difficulty debugging my pc so you guys are really my last resort. About three weeks ago I bought myself a new pc.

    A8N-Sli SE
    AMD athlon64 X2 3800+
    2 x 1 Gb Kingston DD400-x64-C3AK2
    Sharkoon Silentstorm 535W ATX2
    XFX 7900GT Extreme

    I am having a lot of BSOD with my pc they most of the time show me the infinite loop in NV4_disp.dll.
    STOP: 0x0000008E(0xC0000005,0xBFAAACBC8,0xA7CE2AEC,0x00000000)
    But also I have had:
    STOP: 0x00000077(0xC00000B5, 0xC00000B5, 0x00000000,0x00B5A000)

    I have had these messages when playing Oblivion, Call of Duty 2, Battlefield 2. Sometimes I can play for hours and not notice anything strange but sometimes I immediately get stuck. Sometimes I get an error message and sometimes my screen just turns black and my monitors power led starts blinking. I have even experienced a BSOD just when installing a display driver. Or my screen turning black when I was just running a windows application.

    I have monitored my system and it is not a heat problem. My motherboard has a normal temperature of 30 – 40 degrees. CPU 30 – 40 degrees and my GPU doesn’t get warmer then 60 degrees (max of this GPU is 125 degrees according to the manual). So I think I can say I am in the save zone.

    I have tried a lot of things.
    - Tried 4 different display drivers for my videocard.
    - Tried a friends videocard in my pc (exactly the same one)
    - Tried memtest for 7 hours in a row, no problems with the memory
    - Tried each 1 gig of memory separately in my system.
    - Installed windows on a different harddrive. (SATA -> IDE)
    - Tried another PSU
    None of these methods seemed to solve my problem.

    I also noticed my SATA harddisk didn’t always get recognized, but it has been a while since I noticed this. This happened with more then 1 different harddisk.

    I find my problem very frustrating because I just can’t point out one particular thing which must be broken. I really don’t think this is a display driver issue, a friend of mine has almost exactly the same computer (apart from the harddisks) and he doesn’t have the same problems I do.

    I read in other forums that is was in a lot of cases useful to also post a few minidumps. So I will attach a few to this topic. I have a lot of these minidumps so if you need more I am more than willing to upload!

    I really hope someone can help me out.

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  2. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    A friend of mine has the same mobo and the same problem, we believe its down to the mobo drivers, he has sent many error reports to microsoft and had replies that basically say "you have a problem".

    He has also been in contact with Asus but so far that hasn't helped.

    If we get to the bottom of this then i will let you know.
  3. The Beholder

    The Beholder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I think it is very strange if this really is just a driver problem. If the driver is corrupted then why don't all the people with this motherboard have the same problems. I am really thinking about calling the company where I bought this mobo and asking for a replacement.

    But before I do that I really would like to know if my problem really has something to do with my motherboard. I don't want it to happen that I get a new mobo and still having an unplayable pc.
  4. Rik

    Rik Banned Posts: 3,814

    Well, as an example, the mobo I'm using right now used to be his. He had the same sort of problems with it. I said to him to be patient and it would be sorted, he's impatient so he sold it to me cheap along with processor, ram, and graphics card.
    Asus released some new drivers and a bios update, been using them for about 4 months now and haven't had this system crash or bsod once.

    Your mobo is brand new technology, several manufacturers have had problems with new hardware. Asus seem to be pretty good at sorting things out.

    Sometimes, patience really is a virtue!!

    Have a look at this -
    I dont have the time to go through it all myself.
  5. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    for the nv_4disp.dll bsod, uninstall the drivers, use driver cleaner pro to delete all nvidia driver files, then install the latest drivers again.
  6. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    Also chipset driver must be version V6.66 or later (crash bug fixes 4 nforce4sli)
  7. The Beholder

    The Beholder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I uninstalled my Nvidia driver with driver cleaner and then installed the newest nvidia driver I could find 91.31! The problem still existed. Another strange thing is that when I install a driver for my videocard and reboot afterwards I seem to be able to play everything until I reboot my system then everything just randomly crashes. I notticed it before but wasn't so sure about why I could sometimes play for several hours in a row. This time I didn't get an BSOD my screen just froze for a few second (10 or so) and then my screen turned black and the power led of my monitor started blinking (no signal).

    About the chipset drivers, my mobo came with a cd where the drivers with version number 6.65 where on. According to these are the newest for win xp 32 bit version. Am I missing something or is there a newer driver on another site?
  8. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    hehe it was a typo sorry should be6.65

    download prime95 and run torture test "blend" chek what happens.. should run 30min without errors read also stress.txt

    this is it might be:
    on bios be sure that cool n quiet is DISABLED
    and bios cached is disabled too
    and if u r useing that coolnquitet driver get rid off it!

    important too:
    and feed that extra power (12v molex somewhere near videocard)

    u can try these too..
  9. The Beholder

    The Beholder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Just got back from my work and have tested a few things. I have installed the chipset drivers but this didn't make much difference. I also used driver cleaner pro to uninstall nvidia display driver and then installing the driver you mentioned. This also didn't work I got myself a nice BSOD.

    Then about the 12v molex, according to the manual the 12v molex is only necassary when using 2 videocards with SLI enabled. And then only when you don't have an atx2 power supply with a "24 port psu", which I have. It never hurts to try so I will try to connect the molex again.

    I will also try to first uninstall the chipset drivers with driver cleaner pro and then installing the chipset driver. (Why didn't I do it the first time :S)

    What is your opinion about the IDE driver which comes with the Chipset drivers. I have heard people being told not to install this part of the driver.
  10. The Beholder

    The Beholder TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I uninstalled all drivers from nvidia through the software menu and then run Driver Cleaner Pro an uninstalled everything I could find about Nvidia and the nforce chipset drivers. Afterwards I rebooted, then tried to install the chipset drivers. During this install I got myself a nice BSOD. I wasn't paying much attention so I don't know for sure during which part of the install it was, I think it was during the audio drivers.

    Rebooted again, uninstalled everything again --> reboot --> install chipset drivers, no problems this time. I rebooted, installed the Nvidia display drivers, I rebooted. With all the hope I have left I start Battlefield 2 (one of my favourites) and try to start a singleplayer game. Loading goes fine I press the start button I see the first shot and my screen freezes for about 10 seconds before turning black. My monitor led is still blinking! :(
    I am really desperate at this moment! Maybe a real lifesaving tip from anyone?
  11. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    Works fine here..

    u should get another videocard to see whats happen (not that same 7900GT) im outta ideas.. :(
  12. kangaruffian

    kangaruffian TS Rookie Posts: 175

    Hmm.. one more thing to do: increase mem voltage to 2.7-2.75v

    and have u allready updated mobo bios to latest ver?

    if that doesn't help go RMA or toss that mobo out of windoze
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