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BSODs while gaming on Win 7

By Bang4501
Aug 23, 2010
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  1. Hello everyone. I Just built a new system last week and I get BSODs every 10-20 minutes or so while playing games like L4D and BFBC2. I made sure the BIOS and all drivers were up to date. I originally thought it was a graphics driver problem (ATI Catalyst 10.7) So I tried previous versions like 10.5, 10.4, but still got BSODs. So I thought maybe it was on board sound drivers. So I disabled and removed them and installed the SB card, but still BSODs. Maybe it was the RAM. Ran Memtest86+ and it passed several times. I thought maybe it's overheating so I ran Prime95 and HMMonitor and temps stayed below 30c, but I noticed 3 out of the 6 cores on the cpu failed tests, so I opened up the case, replaced the RAM into different sockets and then reran the tests. This time it ran for about 5 hours with no errors. I tried gaming (BFBC2) again and got no BSODs (I played for maybe an hour or so) I thought everything was good, and the ram was just not seated correctly. Until today, I got 2 more BSODs while playing L4D. I am thinking maybe the RAM really is bad, or maybe my MOBO, or drivers! I dunno... im stumped and hoping someone here can help.

    CPU - AMD Phenom II X6 1055T
    MB - Asus M4A89TD Pro/w USB 3.0
    RAM - Corsair Dominators 4GB 2x2 DDR3 (CMD4GX3M2A1600C9)
    PSU - Corsair 750HX
    HDD - Samsung 1TB Spinpoint F3
    Video Card - ATI Radeon HIS HD5850
    Sound Card - SB Audigy PCI
    OS - Win 7 Professional

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  2. Bang4501

    Bang4501 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    and another...

    Tried playing BFBC2, played for about 20 minutes and then sounds loops, video freezes, and then BSOD.

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  3. Bang4501

    Bang4501 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Mystery solved I guess...

    I lowered my RAM from 1600 to 1333 and the BSODs stopped, computer is now stable while gaming. I don't know what that means though, I set the RAM at the specs corsair rated them at. Maybe I need to increase NB voltages or something to maintain the 1600 clock, but meh its not worth the trouble.

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