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build me a Monster budget is 3k australian dollars

By bcurko
Jul 30, 2006
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    hey everyone im getting a new pc soon not sure what to get im not getting conroe becuase its gonna be really expensive so im lookin at getting AMD X2 dual core processors or intel Pentium D not sure which one so could someone give me a quote or recommandation on what a good pc i can get for my budget and im getting the NEmesis Elite case so - $200 their without psu.
    Video Card im not sure im lookin at gettin something like a 7900GT or 7800GTX , X1800 not sure which one and if i really want to get a X1900XTX so could you guys help me please and give some recommandations the case is gonna have lots of blue leds so i was thinking because im probably gonna overclock depending on what cpu i get i think Zalman make a cpu cooler with blue leds and all copper and gigabyte make one i think its called the Gigabyte G-PowerPro so yeh COULD SOMEONE GIVE ME AN IDEA ON WHAT I SHOULD get

    Thanks for everyone that replies anyway

    so anyone who has any ideas of what A monster pc i should get reply to my thread
  2. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    Wow.. 3 grand is a friggin lot.. i wish i had that when i was building my pc.. so i'm getting that this is going to be a gaming rig 1st, media/etc 2nd? what part of oz you at and are you going to source parts from online shops or pc shops? is this just budget for the tower or tower plus monitor?

    how come you're not getting the core2 duos? the lowest one (e6400) is about the same as a P.D, $335+/-, minus the mobo.. but thats depending what P.D you get, since there are heaps of different ones, including the dual/single core (for the P.Ds) and the extreme editions of both of them, and where you get them..

    i think you were thinking about this Zalman?

    get a good quality PSU is your main thing, and i'd recomend a seagate hdd, because their warranty rocks :D. Creative X-Fi for your audio card, or a M-audio etc if you are gonna do some pro/hobby audio recording..

    i'd probably be useless telling you what vid card to get, but thats ok, theres other guys that know a whole lot of deal about them, and so same with overclocking... what other things you thinking about on your gear?
  3. cfitzarl

    cfitzarl TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 1,975   +9

    What will 3k buy you with a computer? Anything you damn well please. If I were you, I would buy the X1900 video card, and for a processor...I would suggest a P4 ~3.0ghz or an AMD Athlon 64 ~3.0 ghz. Next-gen graphics are coming and will need a good computer. Oh, and you don't need to overclock, you will have more than enough power for now. For memory I would suggest 1gb of whatever you motherboard takes.
  4. Keith22

    Keith22 TS Rookie Posts: 37

    Ohhh mann...where to start. You could build such a better machine than what you think with 3 grand! Heres what I would suggest..

    Case: Nemesis Elite
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600 2.4GHZ-$309US
    CPU Cooler: Tuniq Tower 120-$68US
    Motherboard: EVGA nForce 680i SLi-$220US
    Ram: OCZ FLEX-XLC (PC-9200)(Water Cooled)(2x2GB)(4GB)-$470US
    Power Supply: OCZ GameXstream 850Watt-$200US
    Video Card: EVGA DUAL(SLi) 8800 ULTRA 768MB-$1218
    DVD Rom+RW: Your choice, no more than $50US bucks really unless blue ray.
    Water Cooling System: Swiftech Premium H20-120-$150US

    Converted to AUS: $3,132.76

    Obviously not right on the dot for budget, but its just roughly what i would recommend for the budget you have! Pretty much the top of the line computer now a days can be built for that much money. Change up whatever you want to what specs ( I know you also said no conroe and such and you werent going with Nvidia, but as far as i have researched{which is massive amounts.. im also building a new 2 grand computer} those parts are all compatible and very VERY good for what your budget is! ) You cant go wrong with Intel, Nvidia, EVGA, and OCZ!

    Good luck on the build.
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