Building backwards, Monitor first


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Greetings, here is a quick story and then my question. I built my computer about 2 years ago and since upgraded a bit of it last year.

So I am gong to build an all new system. However. This time around I am going to get a VERY nice monitor first since that is what I am looking at. I was going to spend between 1200 and 3200 dollars to get one.

I asked over on the Stardock forums I was going to get a new monitor and asked what they felt was the best one available.

The CEO actually replied and said to wait till Display port 1.3 was readily available for the new 4K monitors. I wanted to size up to a 30" or thereabouts.

So, my question is twofold.

Should I wait for display port 1.3, and when will we see some monitors with it...?


Should I just get a 4K monitor now if there is not much visual difference between display port 1.2 and 1.3?

I see my video card is going to need to be upgraded since it does not have a 1.3 port on it....sigh.

What I currently have:

Asrock Mobo Z77 Extreme 6
I5 3570K ( I have the hyper evo fan setup)
16g Gskill DDR3 ram (I forgot the timing, I upgraded from 8 to 16gigs.)
EVGA Geforce GTX 970, (Yea I knew about the ram issue when I bought the card last year.)
Evo 850 500 gig SSD (I was using Intel's cache drive method to speed up stuff, this was also part of my upgrade.)
Corsair 1 terrabyte storage drive
Corsair 850 watt Gold PSW.
Win 7 pro 64
Asus 27' Monitor. I am not helping you all by not remembering the model number my apologies.


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I'm a little curious as to why you're planning to rebuild your system? From the looks of it, it's still a pretty solid machine. As far as I know, DisplayPort 1.3 is already out. It's been talk of another release already (DisplayPort 1.4a) is this what you were waiting for? If so, I wouldn't waste the time. As for 4K, what exactly do you do with your machine? Knowing this will make it easier for us to recommend suggestions. I personally wouldn't go for 4K right now, but that's just my opinion. There isn't enough content available and it's still expensive to facilitate. Dell has very good offerings when it comes to high-end displays. I'd personally go for either the

Dell UltraSharp U3014

Dell U3415W Black 34

I know there a few monitor guys in the community. Hopefully, one of them will see your post and provide you with more suggestions.


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Thank you for the reply.

I am primarily a gamer. Galactic Civ III scales beautifully for 4k Monitors as well as several MMO's. I use it at home for 'some' work related use but its primarily for gaming across many different games. I was reading that port 1.3 has more throughput but I do not know how this relates to actual video. There was a thread where you can scale up to high rez or have a refresh rate of 120Hz but not both with the current display port. As mentioned with the new 1.3 both higher rez and higher refresh rates are available.

Rebuilding is really a hobby. I will likely wait at least 14 more months for DDR4 ram to come down and see what Intel holds after 5930K which is what I was looking at.

As a gamer for 20 years I know that the eye cannot really tell a big difference above 30+ fps or 60hz. My question is it worth it and can you the forum members tell enough to recommend getting or waiting for such a monitor?