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By foofoohightec
Jul 15, 2007

  1. I have a Huge problem !
    My PC is Windows XP Professional. At first I had only a CD-RW Drive (H). Then I installed a DVD-Ram Drive (I). I started burning DVDs using Nero 6 and everything went well for a while until it started failing to complete the burning process and showing error reports. I tried several things:
    a) defragmenting the drive where the files to be burnt are,
    b) uninstalling and reinstalling Nero 6,
    c) updating Nero 6,
    d) checking the "enable CD recording on this Drive" option in the Drive's properties (which, by the way unchecks itself after a while, despite my clicking "Apply" and "OK" !!).
    But nothing doing ! I started digging through and to my total surprise I noticed that the Drives (H and I) exchanged places (!), in the sense that CD-RW Drive became (I) and DVD Ram Drive became (H) !!! And that the first is not recognized by any burning tool (Nero, Windows Media Player 10). I addressed technical support at Nero and they suggested (among other things which I didn't quite comprehend !) upgrading the firmware of the DVD Ram from the manufacturer's site, Samsung in my case. This too I tried but kept getting an error message that says :"the firmware is not compatible with the selected drive", despite the fact that the drive is automatically selected !!
    This all sounds crazy I know ! So, I am attaching the infotool text, hoping it would shed some light on this maze !
  2. foofoohightec

    foofoohightec TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    I guess my problem put everybody off !
    However, I have good news to share with you all, IT IS SOLVED !!
    I was advised by the Nero support staff to uninstall all Nero products from my computer using Nero special CleanTool, which you can get from ftp://ftp9.nero.com/attach/General-CleanTool.zip, and then download the latest version from Nero's site.
    How about that !
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