Burning cds with CDRW drive

By ronscores
Feb 27, 2005
  1. I have recently upgraded to AMD Sempron 2200+ 256 mb DDR but since then i 'vent properly burned any CD.. My CD RW drive basically has One LED with 3 different types of colors.. GREEN for read RED for WRITE and ORANGE for (i dont know really but i think it is for) reading from buffer while writing.. I start the copyCD with both source n destination drivees the same one my CD RW drive. It reads the CD and i think copies the image but while writing process it starts OK and RED LED goes on & goes for abt 30% or 50% or 60% or to some random percentage and LED changes to ORANGE .. and it stops.ANd finally i've to manually switch off my pc andCD becums a waste What could be the prob? The alignment of the drive not proper? or some BUS card not properly fixed? or CPU mobo compatibility issue.. someone pls suggest..
  2. iss

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    go to device manager and check the ATAPI\ATA IDE controllers and make sure that the drive is using DMA and not pio mode.
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