burning dvd from 2nd drive takes forever!

By heroine
Feb 22, 2006
  1. hi.

    i have a dell, with a secondary drive (ide) for storing data, and a dvd burner.

    my question is - why does it take so long to burn a dvd from data stored on the secondary drive as opposed to the c: drive? it takes at least an hour to burn a dvd from the secondary drive, while it only takes 30 mins from data stored on the c: drive.

    also.....whenever i transfer files to/from the c: to the secondary drive, it takes forever as well. i thought storing my data in a different drive would make everything fast. it's even slower than my firewire drives! what's going on?

    same type of drives....seagate, ide interface.

    any help would be supremely appreciated.

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