Bush signs anti spam law

By agrav8r
Dec 16, 2003
  1. I didn't see a link to the ins and outs of the bill only that he signed it. i will do a search later and edit it into this post when I find it-- Unless someone beats me too it. Without reading it , I will say it can only be good, but this is the govenment I am talking about so we shall see.


    Bush Signs Anti-Spam Legislation

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    Dec 16, 11:26 AM (ET)

    WASHINGTON (AP) - President Bush signed legislation Tuesday meant to stem the flood of unwanted e-mail pitches that irritate Internet users and drain the economy.

    "Spam, or unsolicited e-mails, are annoying to consumers and costly to our economy," White House spokesman Scott McClellan said after Bush signed the bill. "This will help address the problems associated with the rapid growth and abuse of spam by establishing a framework of technological, administrative civil and criminal tools, and by providing consumers with options to reduce the volume of unwanted e-mail."
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