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Buying a Computer.. if i can.

By British_Command · 12 replies
Aug 7, 2006
  1. Ive been tiring my eyes, back, and fingers out by trying to search for a decent gaming computer shop!

    I wanted to buy a computer with around 80GB +, 512MB RAM +, 2.8Ghz +, Atleast one PCI-E Slot (or APG, if PCI-E is better just PCI-E), several PCI slots 2 - 3. Comes with a monitor, speakers, keyboard, mouse (Doesnt have to includde the monitor, speakers, keybord and mouse, would prefer it know).

    Im fed up with this damn Dell Dimension 3000, didnt look into gfx cards when i bought it only to find out that the best gfx card i could buy was £40 and crap lol.

    Im UK, so an england site and a computer of those specs. or a decent computer UK shop for prices around £0 - £650.

    Thanks for your time.

    PS : Which is better APG or PCI-E i dont know really and whats the difference?, also http://www.advancetec.co.uk

    I looked up on there and found a decent computer for £391 (without any accesories) just wanted to see if you think its worth it. You can find it on that link, then click on Advance Systems, then AT Gaming Systems, and its the system at the very bottom called AT 64 BIT GAMING SYSTEM.

    Thanks again.
  2. blink.11

    blink.11 TS Rookie

    if uwant a gaming computer u wont get 1 for 400 ood pounds, u need to speend more like 1000-1500 to get a gaming computer, and another thing u wont get a gaming computer with 80gb it they start at 160gb. I can recommed 2 good gaming comps, dell xps 700 or 1 of the alienware comps.

    regards blinky
  3. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    I had a look at the system you are considering, and have a few comments for you.

    The negatives:
    1. RaidMax Power supply. Somewhat known to fail easily and take out other parts with them.
    2. Onboard graphics. Not great for gaming at all, however, it does appear to have an empty PCI-E slot open.
    3. Only 512Mb ram

    The positives:
    1. Appears to have an empty PCI-E slot to add an extra graphics card in the future.
    2. Uses high quality ram (corsair), but 512mb really is low for today's newer games. 1Gb is the minimum I'd get, preferably 2Gb.
    3. Price.

    I think with the onboard graphics and only 512mb of ram, I personally would not enjoy gaming on that system. Then again everyone has a different level of what is "acceptable" for framerates and eye candy. It's all a question of budget vs. performance I suppose.
  4. British_Command

    British_Command TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 148


    Yes thats what i thought about buying gaming comps... i know im not going to get a top spec. computer for 400 quid...

    And that computer i was going to buy the Nvidia 7600GT 256MB GFX Card for it.
    And around 1GB - 2GB of RAM (in time).

    Would that be any good?

    Also altogether im spending around £700 - £800 because of having to buy a monitor etc.
  5. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Check out the budget PC guide on the TechSpot front page. Maybe it'll help u.
  6. KingCody

    KingCody TS Evangelist Posts: 992   +8

    PCI-E is the newest graphics card expansion interface. currently, a high end AGP card can handle almost any game you throw at it. but as game requirements get higher they will soon exceed what AGP is capable of providing. also newer video cards are native PCI-E, which makes the AGP versions more expensive due to the additional circuitry needed to convert the interface down to AGP.

    can't you just reuse the monitor, keyboard, etc from your demension3000?

    also, since you're on a tight budget you could consider simply changing the motherboard in your dell to a mATX board with an AGP or PCI-E slot. this would alloow you to upgrade your computer and save alot of money.

    cheers :wave:
  7. Samstoned

    Samstoned TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,018

    thats 1600 usd right
    well you should be able to build a nice system with that tiger direct and newegg are top internet supplyers
    with if you have the time ebay to find good deals
    the monitor is the crutch whats high end gaming without decent video display

    don't go lcd
    get like sony flat screen gateway makes nice monitors to

    so mb and cpu (amd) 64bit costs about 200.00- 250.00
    psu 700 watt about 80.00 find a match video for the amd stick with agp

    I think nvidia works well with amd 150.00
    memory stop at 2gb after that you will not use 200.00

    reuse the hard drive you got????
  8. British_Command

    British_Command TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 148

    you see


    I may go with buying a new motherboard as it would save a hefty amount of money..

    I wouldnt have to buy speakers,keyboards etc. although im up for buying a different monitor as a Dell 15" 12ms i think i dont know but its really crap lol :D

    Would be helpful to know some good motherboards as its one of the things my mind is blank on.
  9. AMDIsTheBest010

    AMDIsTheBest010 TS Rookie Posts: 398

    well if you buy a new mobo, you will have to buy another copy of windows since your OEM version is locked to your mobo. And as others have mentioned you will not get a descent gaming system for $400-500. I have a Gateway FX510XL gaming PC, and frankly, its not the best in PC games but it kicks *** in benchmark tests notching 102FPS in gaming test at 1280x1024 32bit color. I did pay the price for this system though ($2200, includng a 19" LCD gateway monitor)


    CPU: Pentium D 930 3.0GHz
    RAM: 2GB DDR2 PC4200
    GPU: Nvidia GE6600 series 128MB dedicated/128MB allocated
    HD: 320GB SATA 7200RPM
    OS: Windows MCE 2005 w/rollup2
    Ports: 7USB 2.0, 4FireWire, 11audio w/7.1 support, TV/FM tuners, 9-1 Media Card reader

  10. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    Hmm, ur name seems to clash with that PC's specs! ;)
  11. AMDIsTheBest010

    AMDIsTheBest010 TS Rookie Posts: 398

    yea i know, but the only other AMD option was the AMD Live! CPU, and it was like $100 more, and this was already way over my budget and the Pentium D does a pretty good job.:)

  12. British_Command

    British_Command TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 148


    AMD mate im not using $400-500 im using £400-500 which is like $1,000 ish

    Im hoping to buy a whole new customised tower for around £400 - £600 / $800 - $1200.

    May get one of ebay but they seem dodgy! I searched for desktops, 3.0ghz, 1gb RAM, 100GB+

    and fdiny all these ones which sell from the same shop and very cheap for what they are?! are they actually worth buying?!
  13. AMDIsTheBest010

    AMDIsTheBest010 TS Rookie Posts: 398

    sorry buddy, i thought you meant $400-500 well i would say go to Gateway, there is a sweet system on their website including a 19" LCD for just around $900

    Gateway Specs:

    CPU: Intel Pentium D 805 2.66GHz

    RAM: 1GB (2x512) DDR2 PC4200

    HD: 250GB SATA 7200RPM

    Optical Drive: DVD-+R/RW/ DL

    GPU: ATI Xpress200 up to 128MB shared (PCIx16 slot available)

    Network: Intel 10/100 ethernet
    Modem: 56K PCI Data/Fax

    Sound: 2 piece analog 5.1 support

    Monitor: 19" WideScreen LCD

    Input: standard keyboard and Mouse

    Ports: 9-1 Media Card Reader, 6 USB 2.0, 1 firewire, serial and parralel, 2 PS/2
    ports, onboard audio

    warranty: 3 year mfgrs warranty coverage

    security: 36 month Mcafee Security Center: VirusScan, Firewall Plus, SpamKiller, Privacy Service

    all this for $1,219.97 EXCLUDING tax and shipping

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