C Drive is seen as Disc 1 in Disc Management, XP

By 11mrtom
Jan 6, 2016
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  1. The Dell in question is “Dimension 9100”. A P4 3.2Ghz with 2 Gb Ram. 2006 vintage and my first performance pc. I use this pc for watching movies stored locally & with VPN for BBC IPlayer; (DVI to HDMI)

    I see my C Drive is seen as Disc 1 in Disc Management, with my 2nd HD listed as Disc 0. Not the default value I'm familiar with. Is this of consequence ? One indicator is a delay of 20" from bios load to cursor appearing and boot commencing. Previous investigation suggested the delay is polling and required editing a text file. Not feeling up to this vague solution, I'v lived with the delay as the pc is otherwise stable. As I'm prepping to factory reset back to 2006 now is the time to find a solution. xp disc managment.

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