Call it Pistachio: Did a Huawei rep just leak Android P's nutty name?


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There are question marks over whether Google will use the words ‘Ice Cream’ again in the upcoming OS—2011’s Android 4.0 was called Ice Cream Sandwich, after all. According to a Huawei support rep, Android P won't carry the name of a flavored Ice Cream, but only a type of nut: Pistachio.

Polish website Tabletowo published screenshots from someone who spoke to a Huawei customer service rep in the country about when their Huawei P9 Lite handset would receive the Oreo update. The representative refers to the next OS as simply Android Pistachio.

Back in February, it was reported that Google was using Pistachio Ice Cream as the internal codename for Android 9.0 and that this could change in the final release. There’s a chance the Huawei rep was simply using a shortened version of this rumored name rather than revealing some insider knowledge, but perhaps Google likes the sound of ‘Android Pistachio.’

Google launched the beta version of Android P at its annual I/O developer conference in May without confirming its official name. If you own a compatible device such as the Google Pixel, Sony Xperia XZ2, Nokia 7 Plus, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2S, Oppo R15 Pro, Vivo X21, Essential PH-1, or OnePlus 6, you can try it out here.

It won’t be long before we learn for certain what the P in Android P stands for. Some believe that Google might go with either Pie, Pudding, Pineapple, Peppermint, Peanut butter, or Praline, though Popsicle is also proving a popular guess.

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I don't think it will be named Pistachio. All the other names have been something sweet. My guess would be Popsicle. The importance of this cannot be overstated.