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Call of Duty: Black Ops GPU & CPU Performance In-depth

By Julio Franco · 76 replies
Nov 16, 2010
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  1. Steve

    Steve TechSpot Editor Posts: 2,359   +1,521

    The point of those articles is to test using maximum quality settings at the maximum resolution. There is no point spending big dollars on high-end GPUs to play at low resolutions. That said for one of the articles we did test at a low resolution (1680x1050) to show if and when GPU bottlenecking was going on. Again this kind of article does not require 1920x1200 when testing CPU scaling. If we were testing GPU scaling then yes I would agree 1920x1200 needs to be included.
  2. Proof that your i3-540 benches are out of whack as I complained in my pervious emails and forum posts.

    Computerbase.de put up their new CPU benchmark review and in it they have CPU benches for both COD:BO and MOH for the i3-540. You have the Athlon II X4 faster than the i3-540 in your review, where here the i3-540 is easily faster.

    COD:BO …

    i3-540 …………………… 115.25
    Athlon II X4 645 ………… 103.78
    Phenom II X3 740 ……….. 101.70
    Athlon II X3 450 ………… 94.21
    Phenom II X2 565 ……….. 86.93

    see… http://www.computerbase.de/artikel/prozessoren/2010/test-prozessoren-2010/14/#abschnitt_call_of_duty_black_ops

    In both your reviews for these games (COD:BO and MOH) you have the i3-540 essentially tied with a Phenom II X2. At computerbase.de the i3-540 is much faster than the Phenom II X2 in both games, and in fact, the i3-540 has no problem outrunning a Phenom II X3 in both games.

    MOH …

    Athlon II X4 645 … … 115.04
    i3-540 … … … … … 100.84
    Phenom II X3 740 … 93.62
    Phenom II X2 565 … 83.21

    see … http://www.computerbase.de/artikel/prozessoren/2010/test-prozessoren-2010/17/#abschnitt_medal_of_honor

    Dual core processors simply can't compete with the 4 logical cores (2 real 2 virtual) of the i3's in games that take advantage of more than 2 cores so your i3-540 should be much faster than a Phenom II X2 in both those games. If the X4 645 had the same differential to the i3-540 in your review as this one for MOH, about 14% faster, the i3-540 would come in around 85 (compared to 97 for the X4 645), it would be slightly faster than the Q6600 (84) -- you have it at only 62.

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