Call of Duty: Black Ops II generates $500 million in 24 hours


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Low standards, what are you talking about? I don't even play the game, you can't deny it's successful. If somethings exceeds the value of what you think it's worth, guess what, it's worth it. So your basically saying that those gamers that spent 500 million dollars in 24 hours have low standards, you can't be serious.

O yes I'm very serious my friend.

Just because the games sells doesn't mean its the greatest franchise ever.

And anyone that believes that based on sales numbers has low standards in video games!

this is true, cod sells more because it's easy to play; they do this by making revenge spawns, the support class and overpowered and inaccurate weaponry. Cod players as said before, cod players in general get destroyed in any other shooter-(and probably every racing game).
Waste of money... It's better if that money is invested to higher the standard of third world countries...

So instead of buying entertainment, I should send $60 to who exactly? I suppose I should also not go to movies, eat out, or sporting events? Should I sell my tv and surround sound system as well? Just sending money to 3rd world countries is not going to solve their problems. Besides, at our current rate the U.S. will be there before too long...if everyone is on government assistance then who is paying for the assisting? In the mean time $60 for a few months worth of mild entertainment is pretty cheap.