Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer will be free to play for the next two weeks

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In brief: Spring has sprung and to celebrate the occasion, Activision is offering gamers the opportunity to play Call of Duty: Vanguard multiplayer for free. From March 30 through April 13, Activision will host its first ever two-week-long free access period. During the trial, gamers will be able to play a selection of popular Vanguard multiplayer maps and modes.

The trial will feature two maps from season two – Casablanca and Gondola – as well as classics like Shipment and Das Haus.

A new large-map objective mode, meanwhile, is set in the Alps. This team-based mode can be won by being the first to capture all of the bases. Once a stronghold is captured, players can choose to spawn at it or any other captured point. Friendly posts also have stations where you can pick up additional armaments including vehicles to get across the map faster.

Call of Duty: Vanguard launched on November 5, 2021, across most major platforms. The game has a solid campaign and multiplayer mode, but critics weren't thrilled about its Zombies mode and overall lack of innovation. Vanguard currently has an average Metacritic score in the low 70s across all three major platforms.

Keeping gamers engaged with the latest Call of Duty game will be critical as this could be one of the last new CoD games to drop for a while. The 2023 CoD game has reportedly been pushed back to 2024 in a move that will give Treyarch more time to polish the product.

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