'Calm Act' regulating TV commercial volume levels now in effect

By Shawn Knight ยท 29 replies
Dec 13, 2012
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  1. I cut cable TV off about a year ago and am saving myself $80 monthly. Of course, I spent $100 for a Roku box, $75 for a Mohu Leaf antenna and some minor monthly charges like $8 for Netflix (this is the best deal in the US for any entertainment, period). I do love Netflix.
    Commercials in the local live air broadcasts coming from my Mohu antenna were indeed peaking much louder than the hosted programs but have suddenly come way down to the same levels as their sponsored programs thanks to the CALM act. However, I have noticed that many commercials will spike the volume really high for one second right at the beginning.
    They better stop this one second volume spiking game real soon or I will be like an old grandma on my cell phone calling this FCC snitch number every day.
    1-888-TELL-FCC, 1-888-225-5322.
  2. treetops

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    If they purposely made them loud it cannot be that hard to purposely make them quiet again. Anyways good news :). Now they need to ban commercials within shows advertising other shows.

    So they made the shows quieter for the crash sounds n such to be higher, well just make the commercials quieter, set them to the uncrash scene decibel level.
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  3. treetops

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    In windows 7 go to control panel, hardware and sound, change system sounds, playback tab, right click your sound device like speakers, click properties, click enhancements tab and then check the loudness equalization box! There is also a option in vlc player and likely other media players like this. I noticed a HUGE difference when playing audio on vlc player after changing that feature and the vlc feature. I bet it works great for browsing as well.
  4. captaincranky

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    You know, listening to loud TV commercials isn't half as annoying as listening to people rail about how they should regulate this, that, and the other thing.

    The level at which righteous indignation, paranoid delusions of self entitlement, and requests for yet more legislation present on something as inane as the sound levels of TV commercials, which after all, can be eliminated by simply pushing a mute button, is unnerving.

    I'm sure at some point you could get enough hysterically indignant malcontents to ram some new pointless crap law through Congress prohibiting companies hawking their wares.

    With that said, I really take sadistic pleasure, in either changing the channel, or muting my TV, to suppress the annoyance that horse faced hag Flo from Progressive generates. It's fun to hit the mute button, and watch her lips move....silently. And guess what else Flo baby, I murmur to myself, "all my policies are with Geico, and their stupid lizard is way more appealing than you".

    None of this nonsense is new business. My grand parents used to b**** about the volume of TV commercials. And that was in the year 1 BCTV (before color TV). And guess what, you actually had to get up, and walk across the room, to turn the TV down. Imagine the tales of woe and hardship we'd have to endure, if that was the case today.

    Really, just think of actually having to get up off your a**, walk across the room, and then have to turn an analog knob, just to reduce the volume of your TV. You'd likely expect to have your own reality show as documentation of your travails if that were the case.

    I also think that at some point in your quest to muzzle advertisers, they'll smarten up, realize they're pissing their money up a wall solely supporting broadcast TV, and pull the funding.

    Since I'm absolutely certain you won't be picking up the tab on my cable bill should that occur, please consider hitting your mute button, and the one on your TV also.

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