Can I back up my files?

By Alakeelym
Apr 3, 2012
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  1. hi evreyone hop u doing alright

    i've been trying to back up my files but i couldn't; i have windos 7.
    the problem is that when the PC start there is black scren the computer stop on it, so i can't start the computer to copy my files on hard dest
    i planed to format my pc but my friend told me if I format it I will lose all my files

    so please may someone help me with that problem :)
  2. gbhall

    gbhall TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 2,431   +77

    If you reformat you WILL lose all your current files.

    How do you propose to backup your files? I am asking to what media ?

    When a PC fails to start with a black screen it can sometimes be started in safe mode, which means pressing F8 quite rapidly during switch on, and choosing the option 'safe mode without networking'. At that point you might be able to access both your current data and certain backup media (which is why I ask what you might use)

    Quite often, unfortunately, the PC will still not start in safe mode, in which case you have a few options to recover your data.

    (a) you remove the HDD from your current PC and you connect it into a friends PC in place of the optical drive already there. Then your own HDD appears as a new drive with a new drive letter such as E: and within reason you can copy from your old HDD onto your friends PC (you need to be good friends!)


    (b) you need to use another PC to create a bootable CD of a 'live' linux distribution. Your PC will maybe boot from that CD (you first need to set the boot order in the bios to put the CD at the top) If you motherboard is at fault, then that will not work, but if it does, you will be able to read from your old HDD and write to usually a plug-in USB drive.


    (c) you need to use a repair shop who guarantee to recover your data

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