Can I connect 3 speakers to my laptop through the earphone jack?

  1. someone had taken my stereo system. i was thinking about hooking up my speakers to my hp laptop. is there a way i could do that. i thought i could splice a earphone cord and hook them up that way. but when i tried that i only could get one speaker to work. is their a way i could make it work?
  2. Tmagic650

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    You would have to get a powered speaker system. That is a speaker system (left, right and subwoffer) that plugs into the AC wall plug. It would also need to have a mini-din ( earphone cord) plug like headphones do
  3. mike1959

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    Using the headphone jack

    The headphone socket on almost any electrical equipment, has stereo sound on it, but at a very low level, correct for headphones. So if you connect speakers directly to it, it will be very quiet. As mentioned by 'Tmagic650' you will need an amplified system, but will need mains voltage for it's own built-in amplifier. Another option, as I use on a desktop, is stereo speakers, powered by the USB socket. ( Altec-Lansing XT1). Power output is limited, but it's a compromise as they are not mains powered. The standard connections on a stereo plug are; far end=left signal, middle section=right signal and back section is common ground return for both channels.

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