Can I install Win 7 Pro with key over Win 7 Ultimate?

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May 26, 2015
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  1. Is it a problem to change os with a key code? I am ordering a disc of win 7 pro to go over win 7 ultimate because the key code on there now (on ultimate) says it is not genuine. it was ok in the beginning, now it is bad. I have a repair disc and it won't accept the key on ultimate, says it is not genuine so I am looking at a win 7 pro disc on ebay - says it is a genuine key. Do you see any problems with a new install over 7 ultimate?
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    Usually, if a key has been used on one machine, it can not be used on different hardware.
    That is the rule.
    So if the key on ebay has never been used, you can take it. But who knows.
    Another way is to do a universal restore from other's system.
    In this way, you can copy others system and restore it on your PC.
    Here's the tutorial,
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    The tutorial didn't really help, sorry. The repair disc cleaned out everything, wiped clean. Now I have no way of connecting to the internet, it won't let me on for some reason. I was going to buy a new disc, maybe 7 home premium or pro and install and use the new key with that new program. Will that work? I can't find an ultimate 7 on ebay. Another thing is, the side/case of the PC does not say ultimate, but that was the program on it that says it's not genuine. It's also a refurbished PC. The side says 7 home premium. It's very confusing for me to know what will or won't work on this PC. This is my mother-in-laws PC and she didn't even have a restore point on it. I just want to get a program working on it and back online.
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  5. gbhall

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    SNGX1275 gives you a link which would solve your problem by creating recovery disks for home premium IF you still have a hidden recovery partition. Easeus partition master free will enable you to create a booting media on another PC with which you can boot your problem PC and see what (if any) partitions are left.

    If no recovery partition exists, then I suppose your best answer would be to find a friend or colleague with a similar PC (that is, home premium) from which they may allow you to create the recovery disks. You would obviously then use the key on the side of your PC.
  6. SNGX1275

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    My link contained a lot more than just that option.. :)
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    @SNGX1275 true, but I was indicating the simplest option - where if a restore partition is still there, then it will also have the correct drivers. It later became clear the OP seems to have a sticker for a different version to what was installed, and also says it was a refurbished PC, so I would guess the OP will probably not have a usable key at all......

    @TamaJo you might do better to install a nice linux (free) such as Ubuntu. All depends on what your user needs a PC for, but word processing, emails, web browsing, music, videos, painting etc is all there in Ubuntu and very, very similar to Windows in use.
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