Can I mount a harddisk inside a CRT TV?

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May 10, 2008
  1. Hi to all,

    I hope this is the right forum about an electronics question...
    I just assembled a very simple "harddisk-recorder" (got a do-it-yourself kit from a friend).
    Unfortunately it doesn't really look good, and is quite big (but at least it was free ;-)
    So I would like to make it disappear INSIDE the tv... I've still got a CRT (it's quite big and the image is good,
    so I'll keep it until I get a Full-HD). I've opened the TV, and inside the casing there's plenty of room; the CRT-tube
    only takes a small amount of the available space.

    My question is, how much radiation these CRTs might produce. I guess they could
    generate some X-ray or electromagnetic rays which could harm the harddisk (I took one from my PC),
    especially if the harddisk is placed right next to the tube (i would mount the HD on the inside of
    the casing of the TV, after all).

    Can anyone give me some hints about that ?
    Thanks in advance!
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    Mirror, Mirror on the Wall...........

    The key point of Zeno's link is that CRTs have a built in "degaussing " (demagnetizing) coil built in around the tube. The resultant EM pulse could possibly demagnetize a hard drive. Manufactured VCRs and DVD recorders have shielding to prevent this.
    So, perhaps it might be prudent to maintain the recorder away from the TV altogether.

    Besides, just because your recorder is ugly, doesn't mean it isn't valid as a person, now does it?:blackeye:
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    xrays are harmless to your hard drive in low to medium levels. It's the magnetism of the TV and the hard drive that are harmful to both components. Keep them away from each other.

    Cranky: Not all CRT TVs degauss
  5. captaincranky

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    X-Ray emission from CRTs has been dealt with fairly effectively.I believe the side of the tube contains lead and I'm absolutely certain that the front glass is leaded. point being, emissions are suppressed. The lead is also the prime reason you're not supposed to throw CRTs in the trash.

    Tedster, agreed, the built in degaussers are a modern innovation. When I was a boy, daddy used to degauss a new set when he brought it into the house. The coil was about a foot in diameter, and the ceremony was sort of like watching an electronic exorcism.
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