Can I upgrade my laptop CPU and hard drive for speed?

By Dan S. ยท 27 replies
Jun 24, 2002
  1. clothesharbor

    clothesharbor TS Rookie



    Need to familiarize myself first with the site !


  2. GeekieNick101

    GeekieNick101 TS Rookie Posts: 373

    Ok? How can you become familiar with tech spot using a 4 year old post?
  3. 6joshuaherring6

    6joshuaherring6 TS Rookie

    this cannot be true

    I have a pc with a 1.6 ghz and 256 mb of RAM running XP SP4 and it is not fast. I cannot and do not belive that a laptop can run XP well with specs from half a decade prior. pcs get out dated in weeks not years.
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