Can LG monitor be fixed?

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Apr 19, 2012
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  1. Hi all! Does anyone know if an LG Flatron Wide L226WTQ-BFQ monitor can be fixed? All it displays all of a sudden is a white screen. No activity whatsoever. Just a plain white screen.

    I tried to open it, but I can't figure out a way to open it without breaking anything. I tried to contact LG support, to see if there is a way to fix it. No reply at all from them.

    I am not looking forward to spending $150-200 on a new monitor, especially since I've had this one for only a couple of years. And I don't really know any techs who I can trust (the last local one I contacted tried to charge me hour and a half of labor to install a new PSU, a ten minute job).

    Any info on this would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Zen

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    Forgive me here, but I would have done everything here in reverse! Instead of trying to open up the monitor to check things out, I would have first contacted the company and seen if they could have done something for you. Little do people who don't work the industry know, that sometimes company's put special "tell" screws on their products when putting them together. These screws are designed in a way that a company can look at them and know if the customer who has returned the item for possible warranty work, has open the item up or not, which if the screws tell them that you have, it "voids" the warranty and therefore no work is done. Also if you heard any type of lite snapping or slight crunching sounds when try to open it to take a look, that was warranty tape inside the monitor, also designed to tell the company if someone opened up the product.

    Personally, when buying a monitor for my computer, I always in the back of my mind tell myself that I'm buying a perishable item! I tell myself that most of these things aren't designed nor built to last forever. For most LCD monitors I've purchased only last for an approx time period of 3 years, some 2, some 3, but for the most part 3 years seems to be the median age. Heck, I'm awaiting the arrival, via UPS, a monitor I sent in to the company for service work, for it to went down. It's age at the time I mailed it off to the manufacturer was 3.5 years old.

    I don't know if this will help, but I looked up a site that offers a free technical support guide and owners manual for your product.

    Maybe you can thumb through the technical support guide and see if they have a "trouble shooting" area and see if your monitors symptoms are listed. Also, if it were me, I would recommend that you find another LCD monitor and hook it up to your computers video solution and see if that one works. For if it does, than the problem only lays with the broken monitor, not your computers video solution.

    Hope some if little of this helps!

    "Good luck" :)
  3. Tmagic650

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    You have tried this monitor on another computer, right? They are not made to be easily taken apart, but they are very similar to a laptop LCD panel. The video driver board in the monitor has probably failed. It's time for a new LCD monitor. My Samsung SyncMaster 245bw is going on 5 years now, and it still works well
  4. tm5rto

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    Thanks for all of yours replies! I guess that is that :)

    Now, would anyone recommend a quality monitor that will last for awhile? Tmagic650, I agree with Samsung putting out pretty good products right now, but I'm not sure what other good options I have. I do have a 19" ViewSonic that my daughter's been using for at least 5 years no, still working faultlessly...
  5. Tmagic650

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    Just make sure you get a wide screen hi-def model
  6. Zen

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    This might be a little one sided here due to the fact that I just love these monitors, but I would strongly recommend that you check out the Envision 22 inch LCD widescreen high definition monitors with built in stereo speakers. I am only giving this a strong recommend because I've used this product for over 3 years now and really like what they have done for me. Heck I just placed an order myself for another Envision 22 inch, the same as I'm recommending. Because I'm nearly done building myself a monster of a computer and I've decided to go triple screens!

    Well here's the monitor in question, have a good look at it, if you like it......"great", if not......."no big deal"!

    Envision 22 inch LCD Monitor......

    Well good luck to you, and I'm sure what ever monitor you do pick for yourself, that it will be a good one!

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