Can not find an audio recording on my Laptop

By frog98146
May 5, 2009
  1. Hello I do the multi media at our church and we just started recording our service on computer. I recorded this last Sunday service. And all went well and then the program went down and now I can not find the file.

    The program I used is Music Editing Free 7.8.5 also known as MEF, with a Griffin iMac USB microphone sound (card) device, on a Compaq Presario V2410US, Running win XP home SP3.

    I recorded the Praise team , with the record panel, clicked keep, Recorded a guest singer, clicked keep, By the way it moved both recordings to the main window. Then I recorded the Pastors sermon which was very good by the way. stoped the recording hit keep.went to main page to edit the recordings. was called away and I came back, Closed the record panel then clicked on save so I could save the whole file as a wave file. and the program closed. Now I can not fined the file that was sent from the record panel to the edit panel.when you click keep says it's saving at a data file but I did a search and did not find it. Also when you close the program it asks do you want to replace the untitled file.

    Can some one Help me find this file. I need it so I can save it to CD and also FTP to podbean . com where we host our podcast for our church.

    I hope this is enough info to get HELP with this. For now on I will use WildVoice Studio to do my recordings.

    Thank you so much for your help!

  2. fimbles

    fimbles TS Evangelist Posts: 1,185   +208

    Try searching for ".wav" files in your search box. without the " "


    There may be quite a few of them .. so listen through till (hopefully ) you find your missing files.
  3. RonS WIN TEAM

    RonS WIN TEAM TS Rookie Posts: 40

    Another fix might be to go into your sound recording program (Music Editing Free 7.8.5) and see if you can bring up recent items like you can in other programs. From there you might be able to select the clips you made and save them (with good names) to a place where you’d like them to live.

    Also, if you go into the program, make a new file (doesn't really have to be anything) and go through the save as process, it should show you where the files are being saved to - your other files should be there.

    If that doesn’t work, the above poster has a good idea.

  4. frog98146

    frog98146 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 21

    Thank you all for your help. Have you all heard of boxbe dot com yes dot is . I just found it stops spam dead in it's tracks. thought I would pass that on. Thats how I found out you all replyed to me. I was cleaning out my boxbe account of mail I didn't want as friends.

    Thanks for the help I will tell you if it works. If I find the file. I sure hope I can. Pastor can preach it again but it will not be the same as it was that day.
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