Can you control video card fan speed???

By vegasgmc · 9 replies
Jul 10, 2004
  1. I have a new Radeon 8500 I installed in a computer Im building to sell. It works great but the fan is ungodly loud. Its louder than the case fan. I tried the fan from another 8500 and its the same. I was wondering if there was a program to adjust the fan speed. There are no mounting hole in this card so I cant replace the fan.
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    Or you could go to your local electronics shop, buy a trimmer costing less than ¢50 and use that (some basic electronics skill required).
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    Ya or you could go buy a resistor for 50cents and hook that up
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    Thanks. I was hoping to do something in software. My mobo has a program called Silent Tek that lets me control all the fans in the system through Windows but not video card.
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    You could try hooking the vid card fan to one of the mobo's fan connectors.
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    tere is a software for nvidia cards which is called RivaTune wich allows you to monitor your gpu temperatures and also change the gpu fan speed. But i havnt seen anything for Rdeon sorry.
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    hey guys, this thread is 5 years old
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    i wouldnt have noticed lol thanks man......:) :) :)
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