Can you install more than one Antivirus programme?

By Dave H
Dec 8, 2007
  1. I was just having a read through some of the threads and was interested with the comments on certain antivirus programmes. I use AVG antivirus and and Norton spyware and there is no conflict (ok i presume one is not an antivirus programme) but could I install another antivirus programme or will this conflict with other programmes?. I only use my Pc for home study use, the kids down load certain music and films and play games. I have had no problems with avg and it has found now and again certain trojans but these are quickly rectified.
  2. Nodsu

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    Yes, you may be able to install several, but make sure that the resident real-time scanning features are enabled only in one. E.g. only AVG scans opened files and only the other product scans web traffic.

    And even then you may run into problems, but at least you know what causes them :)
  3. Bobbye

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    Technically speaking, you may be able to actually download more than one anti-virus program. BUT is isn't advised. The entire idea of using an anti-virus program is to "prevent" viruses, Trojans and Worms from getting into your system. Therefore, the AV program must always be working in Real Time.

    One good AV program should met all the needs to keep the system safe. It is contradictory to have a second AV program and doing so may cause a conflict that ultimately allows malware to access your system

    AVG is a good anti-virus program. Like any program of this nature, it should be kept up to date and used to scan frequently. You should however, have more than one spyware/adware program. They do not all have the same database, so tht one may find malware, while the other may not.

    Care must be taken when using spyware/adware programs however. Some run in Real Time and you should have only one of the spyware/adware programs running in Real Time. Others are more the 'find and fix' type and are mostly activated when you start the scan.

    Rule of thumb: 1 anti-virus program, 1 firewall, multiple spyware/adware programs (with exception as noted)
  4. pdyckman@comcas

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    You should not install one than one anti virus application. Sometimes the results are minor problems but 2 anti virus apps. can lead to real system conflicts/freezes/crashes etc.
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