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By skotters
Jun 21, 2007
  1. I wouldn’t consider myself a techie but I often check out toms hardware to check out their cpu and vga charts. It obviously seems that nvidia and their 8k series gpus are the top video cards on the market right now (don’t know about those new radeons yet).

    According to the the vga chart posted, the nvidia 8800gtx 768mb seems to be the best card. One thing that puzzles me is the oblivion benchmark set at a 1920x1200 rez with max settings but no anti aliasing. This 8800gtx is only pulling 28 frames on what seems to be a very nice machine (w/ a core2ex). I’ve never played oblivion and had no idea this game was that graphic intensive but I cant help but ask the question – Does anybody have a machine out there that can run this game w/ complete max settings/rez with at least 60fps? I don’t see it happening even running in sli. I don’t even think one of those falcon mach 5s could do it.

    Perhaps the chart is outdated a little and those quad cores would make a difference. I don’t know.
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