Cannot Attach Docs to Outlook Messages

By rbmandelbaum
Mar 12, 2007
  1. A friend just upgraded to Office 2007. When he tries to attaach a document to an Outlook email message, he gets error "COULD NOT FIND MESSAGE WINDOW." He's changed various settings (such as message format) with no luck. We searched Google and found only 2 or 3 hits, none with a solution. Those were for Outlook 2003, so it doesn't seem to be strictly a 2007 problem. Thanks for any help you can provide.
  2. mikescorpio81

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    Does your friend have an Exchange Mailbox or is he running a POP3 or IMAP, etc mail client?
    If you haven't opened Microsoft Word yet, tell him to do that. If Microsoft Word is set as your default editor for new messages, and the program has never been opened (Microsoft Word), that can cause problems.
    There are some updates available for Microsoft Office 2007, mainly to do with IE7, Outlook Web Access and Exchange servers. If you require these updates I'll post them, but give us more information in regards to his mailbox set-up (if you can).

  3. rbmandelbaum

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    Response to MikeScorpio81

    Hi, thanks for your response. This is an upgrade from Office 2003, using Exchange for email. All Office 2007 updates have been applied. He's opened and used Word 2007 multiple times since the installation. He's using IE V7, also with all recent updates applied. He also tried creating a new Outlook profile, just for kicks, and that had no effect. Curiously, he's able to send attachments using the Send To function.
    (I'm a Scorpio too, by the way.)
  4. mikescorpio81

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    Ok thanks for all that.
    One suggestion would be to create a new profile but from your previous post, this didn't seem to do much.
    The fact that he can send an e-mail via "send to" option is strange, what kind of file is he trying to attach? Is he attaching the file in a new e-mail message via the Insert tab - Attach file?
    The install CD he used to upgrade 2003, is it possible to do a full re-install once he has un-installed Office 2007 completely, or is it only an upgrade?

    Can your friend send e-mails via Outlook Web Access? There are updates available for the Exchange server to do with IE7 if he cannot, which may or may not contribute to his problem.

    Oh ... Scorpio's RULE!! :grinthumb
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