Cannot connect secondary laptop to Arris wireless modem

By spehling
Oct 14, 2012
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  1. Ok, I am helping a friend over the phone and am having trouble identifying why they cannot acquire DNS or even ping the gateway,
    The first laptop connects without fail to the wireless signal where the second laptop is able to see the signal and acquires and ip address of with a gateway of but we are unable to ping the gateway. I turned off all security features in the modem and laptops that I could think of. it is as simple as an access point right now. Is there something I may be missing that needs to be disabled or enabled? I have verified that there are no static IP's set and that all is set to obtain automatically. when I do an ipconfig /release then renew, it reads that it cannot be renewed while it has its media disconnected leading me to believe that the wireless was turned off which it is not. It is associated to the SSID but with limited does it pull an IP and not able to ping the gateway? Security is the only thing I can think of... any ideas? sorry for the limited information as I am not sitting in from of the computers. it is 2.4ghz, channels - auto, encryption - open. thanks for the help.
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    What version of windows? Vista and 7 firewall default to deny ping.

    typical issue.
    Get the connection and then
    • get a command prompt
    • enter ipconfig /all >myTCP.txt
    now look for Node Type . . . ?? should be Hybrid

    if not, save the attachment, remove the .TXT suffix and save as .REG
    dbl-clicking will fix the registry to make Node Type . . . Hybrid

    Disconnect from the router after applying the change - - wait 30 sec - - reconnect.
    the DNS is a real problem and the above should resolve that.

    * You alread know how to see the tcp config. Here's how to TEST the DNS:
    • get the command prompt
    • ping (good timings says you have a PATH in the Internet)
    • nslookup (if you get back the name, then dns by address is ok)
    • nslookup (should show you the address
    at this point you should be fine.

    * your real issue is Internet access, not ping, not /release and not /renew. Yeah they can be useful
    but never impact email or browsing.

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