Cannot connect to wireless router as admin wirelessly

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Cannot Login to Netgear DG834G router wirelessly from Dell Laptop

Hi heres hoping you can help me.

I have a wireless connection through a Netgear DG834G from a Dell M6300 running Windows XP which is working fine with respect to accessing the internet..

I also have a desktop (wired to the router) which is also running fine.

The problem is that I cannot log into the router wirelessly as Admin on
I can login to the router as Admin from the wired PC, but not the laptop !!
I get to the login screen to input password but when pressing enter the login box just re-appears with the password field blank again.
I know the password entered is correct and accurate as it works from the wired desktop

(note: I have changed my laptop recently from HP to Dell, I was able to access the router wirelessly as Admin to perform maintenance with the HP model)

Any ideas ?


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Are all the settings correct for the wireless laptop.
encryption method WEP, WPA, WPA2

Does the router even see this new laptop?
Do you still have the older laptop?
Check to see if the DELL firewall is disabled under Windows, make sure it off.
Try opening up a session: ping
Does the laptop get IP by DHCP,

ipconfig /release wait.... ipconfig /renew wait... try it again does work then
try static IP then do ipconfig /flushdns and ipconfig /registerdns

If all still doesn't work try..
re-joining the wireless router
disconnect using the wireless in range method on the laptop
reconnect but remove the password then re-do it then click on connect see if the wireless laptop can connect.
If it does reboot the laptop and login with your login ID password
Now open the browser and see if you can get into your router
Make sure you do not have any spyware or popup blocker active..


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Doesn't matter I do it all the time.. Just make sure security protocols are in place.. encryption and mac address filtering..


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Canners said:
The problem is that I cannot log into the router wirelessly as Admin on
I can login to the router as Admin from the wired PC, but not the laptop !!
BAD IDEA! Many routers have an option to disallow this as to allow it means that
if I can crack your password from Southern California, I could change all your settings
and even reload the firmware with my code.

You do not want to allow Admin over WiFi!


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Hmmm, I guess so but surely my antenna would not give you a signal in Southern California.
I get what your saying though.

Well, I just ran AVG Anti-Spyware nd deleted the tracking cookies it found (29 off them) and now I am able to log into the admin page.

I will now look for the setting to stop Wi-Fi logging in just to increase the security around here, thus making it wired access for admin only.

So it seems there is a tracking cookie that causes a problem here - heres the list I just found and deleted

@192com.112.2o7[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
@2o7[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
@msnportal.112.2o7[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.2o7 : Cleaned.
@adrevolver[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Adrevolver : Cleaned.
@media.adrevolver[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Adrevolver : Cleaned.
@adtech[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Adtech : Cleaned.
@advertising[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Advertising : Cleaned.
@adviva[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Adviva : Cleaned.
@atdmt[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Atdmt : Cleaned.
@bluestreak[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Bluestreak : Cleaned.
@casalemedia[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Casalemedia : Cleaned.
@connextra[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Connextra : Cleaned.
@doubleclick[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Doubleclick : Cleaned.
@adopt.euroclick[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Euroclick : Cleaned.
@fastclick[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Fastclick : Cleaned.
@mediaplex[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Mediaplex : Cleaned.
@stat.onestat[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Onestat : Cleaned.
@perf.overture[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Overture : Cleaned.
@ads.pointroll[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Pointroll : Cleaned.
@questionmarket[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Questionmarket : Cleaned.
@bs.serving-sys[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Serving-sys : Cleaned.
@serving-sys[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Serving-sys : Cleaned.
@statcounter[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Statcounter : Cleaned.
@anad.tacoda[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Tacoda : Cleaned.
@anat.tacoda[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Tacoda : Cleaned.
@tacoda[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Tacoda : Cleaned.
@tradedoubler[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Tradedoubler : Cleaned.
@tribalfusion[2].txt -> TrackingCookie.Tribalfusion : Cleaned.
@ad.yieldmanager[1].txt -> TrackingCookie.Yieldmanager : Cleaned.

Strange it works now though !! Thanks for your help with this everyone.

p.s. Just checked Router settings and the "Turn Remote Management Access" box is not checked so there is no remote access allowed across the internet. But this does not stop me remote accessing for admin purposes within signal range. Is there another setting for this do you think ?


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of course :) the NET issue is admin over WiFi is risky. Always use a wired system
for administrative tasks.


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Boy! You make it sound likes everyone is driving around monitoring a way to get into your wireless network router. I am sure the OP user has all the firewalls in place both on the router and on the wireless router he is using.

or WP2
Mac address filtering
Firewall software

Some new N wireless routers have dual or quad firewall protection even that new WPS feature. Still wired is still a good idea, but there are times you want to take that wireless laptop to remote in and make changes to the router, media streaming an etc.. I check my Mail Server over my internal Web Client that has extra encryption with each session I open up. I can't comment on SC so it might be more crowded for wireless users to worry about users trying to get in and use their network.


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this issue, re remote administration, is not unique to WiFi.

good policies avoid nightmares later and forcing admin from a login [local] keyboard
is just a good practice.

why take a chance when it's not necessary to take a risk?

If you notice, all the comments were 'suggestions, or policy' related.

Last comment: If you change a setting in the router using remote access,
consider the effect when the router restarts. most manuals warn the user to
avoid this condition.

CAVEAT EMPTOR -- peace :)


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rtfm and years of experience. I can only show good practices and the implementation is up to the user.
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