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Nov 6, 2003
  1. I had a problem with WIN XP and recovered everything but I cannot get onto the Internet. I run the Internet Connection Wizrd and try to install a new connection. Here is what happens: I create a new connection and press NEXT and select Copnnect to the Internet. I choose the set up my connection manually selection. When I get to this next screen the first 2 selections won't allow me to click on them for Connect using a dial-up modem. The only one that it selects is connect using a broadband connection. How do I allow the dial up modem selection to be chosen when it won't let me? Can Anyone help? Thanks
  2. Nodsu

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    Does Windows find your modem? Look in Device Manager if your modem is installed.
  3. mere24

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    modem found

    modem is found in device mgr and working properly. no hardware troubles.
  4. Liquidlen

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    Check to see if you have an icon in 'Network and Dial up Connections" for any connections at all .If you have one for broadband and don't want it, Delete it .If you do want it, check and see that the "Never dial a connection" tab is not selected in IE>Tools>Internet Options>Connections page
  5. Dien

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    I have the same problem


    After reinstalled XP home SP1 I could not establish internet connection. The same cable wire that I am pluggng directly to my other PC and doesn't have any problem. I had my PC upgraded to SP2 by Windows Automatic Update but it became sluggish and extremely slow.

    I looked in the Device manager and found YELLO QUESTION MARKs on OTHER DEVICES TAB and all its sub folders: Ethernet Controller; Multimedia Controller; Network Controller; PCI Modem; Video Controller (VGA Compatible) These all have yellow question marks in front of them.

    I tried to Reinstall the drivers in the Properties but it required to connect to the internet which I am having trouble to connect to at the mo.

    I had run the Installation driver CD twice. Please shed me some lights.

    Thank You,

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