Cannot get xp, xppro or MCE to install to sata hd in dell or gateway notebooks

By technolance
Jul 20, 2007
  1. Polomarco, Derkwehler, crossthelimit, halo71, monk3y:
    Did any of you get you notebooks to take xp xp pro or MCE because i cant get mine to take, I have looked in dell notebook and gateway notebook bios and there is no sata settings at all the only thing they do is tell you that they have sata controller but you cannot edit any settings.
    i have downloaded and tried all of the different sata controller driver that i can possible get for these two notebooks using f6 on startup alls i get are BSODs with stop:0x0000007B I have contacted gateway and they tell me they cant help me because it is outside support realm which means they dont know Jack about it. I will try dell support next all i have to say is that no one here has come up with any help for the aboe mentioned people and I will add my name to that list ...
    Now does anyone have any idea how to get xp xpprp or even MCE loaded on a freaking notebook with a SATA Hard drive with no SATA bios capabilities in the bios and I mean none. sorry to sound peaved but i have been up for three days and night trying to get one of these two notebooks going and Im mad because I have been working in computer world since 1981 and I cant figure this out so come on show this old computer yoda how the dark side works for this problem
  2. CCT

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    What model of Dell - no promises.
  3. technolance

    technolance TS Rookie Topic Starter

    it is inspiron e1405 and the gateway is mt6705
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