Cannot install The Orange Box

By barules
Oct 6, 2010
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  1. First I inserted the first DVD and autoplayed it(I already had steam).Then I ticked all of the games I wanted to install.Then it began to "Load Game Cache" files,but by the time it had almost finished,Steam started to download the games from the net.I do not want to download the games through Steam,as my internet speed is pretty weak.I want to load the game from the disc itself.I even tried a page on the Steam support site,"Installing from Disc instead of Steam" .
    But it still began to download the games through Steam.I had also heard that turning your net connection off during the installation process can stop this.However,when I tried it, the game started loading from the disc but stopped after two minutes.Though it hadn't froze,nothing was being loaded.The installation stayed stuck and the "Time Left" sign kept increasing,from 10 min,to 12 mins,from 12 mins to 14 mins,and so on.
    My specs are -
    160 GB HDD
    3 GB RAM
    1 GB ATI 4650
    2.7 Ghz Intel Dual Core E5400
    Could somebody give me EXACT steps on how to install it?
    Thanks in advance.

    Even after you install it,would you still have to download stuff through Steam?I don't want to have to download anything (other than minor updates) because my internet connection is pathetic.

    Is it also that once you install from the disk,6 GB or so worth of updates will still have to be downloaded through Steam?
  2. ramonsterns

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    Steam is a digital game publishing platform.

    Everything is downloaded.
  3. Relic

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    The Orange Box has 5 games so it may very well be 6gb of extra content/updates to download. I haven't installed all 5 in a while but when I originally did I do remember having to download content which since then has been updated. Right now the only game I have installed is TF2 which is about 10gb. If your internet is extremely slow I'd suggest installing one game at a time at night or during low usage hours preferably.

    Steam isn't exactly a bandwidth friendly software and if you plan on playing games like TF2, L4D2 or some other heavily updated game be prepared to download weekly updates. However they wont all be huge usually ~100mb or so I'd say.

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