Cannot logon to Dell Inspiron 510m

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Jan 27, 2009
  1. help!!

    Dell Inspiron 510m, XP service pack 3

    i have my friends laptop, it's an old laptop from his works and i have been updating it for him - nothing special just XP service pack updates etc which worked fine.
    He also asked me to try and remove the old account on it (not yet done that) and set up one in his name. From the normal Users menu it wouldnt let me add a new user as the new name was not part of the domain (ACCESS161). I was looking in the system settings, i may have changed the computer name or selected a prompt under work group (this is off memory, my laptop is vista so cannot verify the window i last remember). What ever i clicked said it would restart the computer (which it didnt). But when i did turn it off, i can no longer log onto Windows. I get the normal windows professional log on screen, the old username appears, but when i type in the password (i know i am typing in the one that previously worked), i get the error message:
    "The system could not log you on. make sure your user name and domain are correct, then type your password again. Letters in passwords must be typed using the correct case"
    I know it used to use a domain called ACCESS161, but i cannot get a domain option from the log on screen under the "options>>" button - which from memory i am sure i could get before. Its just blank where you would expect the pulldown menu.
    I read a few previous posts which mention bios passwords or ..... I haven't a clue which is a bios password or not, so please remember you are answering someone with limited setup knowledge...
    ...i knew i should have left it alone !
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    the laptop used to logon to a domain, that is a bunch of PC's controlled by one main PC called a domain controller, the PC would ask the DC at logon if it could connect to the network using the supplied username and password.

    What you have done is create a domain account then remove the domain logon account (hence you dont have access161 as a drop down box), or you have put the machine off the domain and onto a workgroup, either way there is no now valid account on the machine with which to logon with

    Chances are the only account valid for the PC is the original machine adminstator account, that is the admin account created when the PC was built, this however could be renamed but not removed, if you dont know the password for it then you have a few limited choices.

    1) reinstall the OS,
    2) use one of the many available password reset tools to reset the password back on the admin account.

    Hirens Boot CD has these tools and a quick google will give you many more options on how to remove admin passwords.

  3. hampy

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    I reinstalled XP with discs from a friend as i did not have the specific ones for the Inspiron 510m, i am now having the following problems:

    1) the display is either very large 640 by 480 with no option to resize, or if i change the Mode on the adaptor (from display properties/advanced) i can get 1024 by 768, but the colour quality is "Low (8 bit)" with no options.

    2) i cannot connect to the internet using the wi-fi, as i cannot find the options for wi-fi, the only thing i can find is how to create a normal internet LAN/dial up option. How do i access or reinstall the wi-fi software, or how do i even find the hardware installed on the laptop to find its make

    remember i'm a novice (if the above didn't give that away..)

    thanks in anticipation

    superb i have just sorted internet connection problem via wireless. i found the wireless hardware from my service tag entry on dells technical support website. it tunred out to be a INTEL PRO WIRELESS LAN 2200 /802.11 B/G MB. A quick search (i wish) resulted in the following link. i downloaded the correct XP file and once transfered onto laptop i managed to find the application and launched it. very surprised when the wireless network available alert popped up !!

    so only got my display problem now, any ideas anyone??

    link for driver will follow in a couple of posts as i need to post 5 times to enable link posting...

    post 4 (see above why)

    another post (see above 2 why)

    link is:

    then in the search box type: IntWLANABGDrvUtXP2K.exe

    if you have the 2100 series search on: IntWLAN2100BDrvUtXP2K.exe

    it returns two drivers (XP and 2000)

    (i tried a direct link but it got time barred)

    see also (for info) Driver and Utility Update Procedure_1.pdf
  4. hampy

    hampy TS Rookie Topic Starter

    all sorted now. once i could connect to the internet, i just went through the drivers on dells website. result!
  5. Ididmyc600

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    thanks for letting us know, most just solve things and go away and we never see them again.
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