Can't access a drive, any hope?

By Amada
Jan 29, 2009
  1. I have a hard drive that I was trying to run in a computer that keeps on locking up, so I'd have to keep on restarting it. I was hoping to access the hard drive, and finally did after a few reboots. The installation of Windows would blue screen at that point halfway through loading.

    I popped in the Windows XP Pro disc and went to the recovery console. I read in some forum to do something along these lines, though I'm sure I didn't do it right: I typed in chkdsk /r, said there were errors that could not be fixed, chkdsk /p, similar results, and then tried fixboot. Now the drive is taking forever to be recognized (I have tried it on multiple computers, though maybe I wasn't doing something right), and it seems to be locking up the recovery console when it tries to reload it.

    Are there any options I have with this drive? Is it just toast? There is very important information on it, but I would like to not have to take it to a professional. I have data recovery software, all I need is a solution so that while I have Windows running I can access the drive. Is trying to load it as an external hard drive an option?
  2. wilywombat

    wilywombat TS Rookie

    Hi Amanda,

    As a try do a google (Iam not allowed to provide the direct link :-{ ) for Winternal's ERD Commander 2007 (ISO). Burn the ISO to a CD using Nero or whatever burner you have access to and reboot from the CD. Lokk in the Google results for the link to a site FunkyType for a description of what the disk will do.

    Good Luck

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