Can't access "my documents" on slave drive

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Jul 18, 2006
  1. I bought an E-machines computer 3 years ago. The power module burned up last week, so I borrowed another power module to see if everything else was ok. Couldn't get the computer to boot up so I assumed the power module failure wiped out the mother board.

    I bought another E-machines tower, hooked the old hard drive up as a slave. I can see all the files except what was stored in "my documents'. Access is denied. I changed the BIOS setting and tried to boot from the slave drive but it just goes into a continuous reboot loop. Won't go into safe mode either.

    Anyone know of way I can get access to the files in "my documents" without booting from this drive?
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  3. dbezy

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    Thanks! That worked.
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    unable to access My Docs on slave drive

    I have the same prob, will try to take ownership of folder, but that still doesn't explain the continuous reboot loop. Aanyone out there have any information on this? Is it a Microsoft bug or security feature?
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    Make sure that all your drivers are installed properly, I have experienced the same with my 2 dvd drives, when I try to use them they go into a contious boot loop. unplug cd/dvd drives and try to boot that way. The loop that I was in only went three times. Once started make sure that the device drivers are up to date and installed properly.
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    ImprobabilityCT, I think u first forgot to read the first part of the threadas that is the question, and no where clost to the answere u gave!
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