Can't access the Internet after installing SP1

By Eric Legge
Jan 20, 2003
  1. After installing the SP1 update for Windows XP, many users have found themselves unable to access the Internet with Internet Explorer 6.0. But for some reason another browser, such as Opera, is not affected.

    Many users who updated their systems with SP1 have suffered from this problem, but most users have not experienced this problem.

    The downloaded Express installation of SP1 could be responsible, especially if you are using a USB-connected DSL or cable modem. To avoid this, install a complete "network install" version of SP1 from a CD instead of the download.

    Firewalls could also be responsible. There are reported problems after applying SP1 with the ZoneAlarm, Norton, and McAfee firewalls. To get around this, try uninstalling the firewall before installing SP1, and then reinstall it.

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