Can't boot from cd from bios.

By Scshadow
Sep 2, 2006
  1. I am done with the most recent build of Vista(5536). I liked it but I need the programs that won't work in Vista. So to recover my old XP Pro partition I have 2 options: Use norton ghost and I also made a full partition backup with the XP backup utility. It seems a million times I have loaded a boot disk from my bios. Hit f12 and select the boot from CD option. But I am completely ignored appearently because it doesn't even check the cd to see if it is bootable. It loads straight to Vista. Vista has to be the culprit here. I've tried multiple boot cds.
  2. Ididmyc600

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    I doubt very much Vista is the problem, Booting from a CD happens well before the OS takes control as it is a part of the POST Procedure,

    The culprit could be a corrupt BIOS, a faulty CD Drive, A faulty IDE Cable,the CD is set as a slave not a master, the IDE slot is faulty and its not seeing the CD Rom as an Atapi device or the CD drive is not an Atapi compatible drive


    Before doing anything remove the HD the OS is on, I have seen many HD's stop a CD Rom drive booting due to conflicts.

    Reset the BIOS to defaults, then set the boot order to boot from CD Rom first.

    Swap out the CD Drive and try again

    Swap the IDE cable and try again

    Check the CD Drive is set as a Master on the seconday channel, or put it on the primary channel and try again, to determine if its set correctly take a look at the jumpers on the back of the CD Rom, it should say which jumper is which, usually they are maked MAS, SLA, CD or similar.

    Sorry if it sounds like I am teaching granny to suck eggs but sometimes its the simple things that stump us...

  3. Scshadow

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    FYI I have a laptop so I can't exactly go and use jumpers to reset my bios or swap the ide cable. I don't need to change the boot order because I'm specifing it to boot from cd. As for faulty hardware, I'm able to use a cd from within the OS just fine. I've verified the data of multiple boot disks and I've tried them all. I really wasn't inclined to think it is vista because yes bios comes before OS. the thing is I just installed vista and now It won't boot from a cd. Which shows implications that perhaps something might have happened. My hardware has been very reliable. besides if Bios was corrupted my laptop shouldn't boot. I will try to reset my bios anyway which I assume can only be done by leaving it unplugged and I will try to remove the hard drive.
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    It would have been nice to have been told......

    As far as it goes I use a Dell C600 and yes I sometimes had problems booting with a CD from the CD Rom that was installed, I since changed the module to a CDRW and not had a problem since.

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