Can't Boot Windows XP ... [Help!]

By grimey
Jan 16, 2007
  1. Let me start off by saying Hello to everyone, hope you all are having a great 07.
    Alright let's get to it...

    I'm running TWO Hard Drives...

    80 GB [Master] - Windows XP(I forgot which one.) SP2 <--- PROBLEM
    120 GB [Slave] - Windows XP Home Edition SP2 (I'm on this right now)

    I can still access the Master drive from the Slave im using right now because I can see the drive when I go to My Computer

    I woke up one morning, couldn't load into the Master drive.. It just keeps bringing me to the menu screen where I have the options to pick from Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking, Safe Mode with Debugging or whatever, Last config, start windows normally etc.

    once I pick an option it just freezes and doesnt do anything.. causing me to have to restart the computer(IVE TRIED ALL THE OPTIONS)

    I have tried inserting the Windows XP CD and pressing 'R' for the repair, It gets to the blue screen and says 'Examing files...' or whatever in the bottom left hand and then just reboots the computer and goes back to the safe options screen I mentioned above.

    I have ran WinASO which is a program for registry optimizer, and that hasnt helped.

    ive ran the chkdsk and that hasnt helped.

    i think its something thats corrupted the boot files or something like that.

    i dont know what to do at this point... help would be appreciated.. and I really do not feel like reformating the whole thing, because my documents and other files will be deleted and i have some important stuff on there!

  2. grimey

    grimey TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Bump, Please I need help on this issue...
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