Can't connect to a SBS 2003 server share via DOS network boot disk for Ghosting

By Canadian69
Oct 5, 2005
  1. I am having a wierd problem with a network boot disk SBS 2003 server combo..I am about to sysprep and ghost a PC to this new Dell preconfigured Small Business Server 2003 (by Ghosting i mean transfer the ghost image to a dedicated share on the server).

    I have done this many times in the past without issue, however for some reason (even though i can map drive letters to the shares on the server and have triple checked my permissions) I keep getting an access denied error.

    I can access the share without issue from all windows environments just not from my DOS based network boot disk. I am loging into the domain as administrator with the servers admin password via the boot disk, and i can actually change to the mapped network drive letter, but all commands e.g. "DIR" return "access denied". There doesn't seem to be any logical reason for this. Also, it doesn't seem to matter wht share i connect to, they all do the same thing. I can connect to my laptop shares no problem from DOS as well, so it would seem to be related to the SBS 2003 server environment.

    My normal methodology is to sysprep the XP workstation, reboot with my network boot disk, map to the servers network drive, run ghost from that drive and image the sysprepped partition to the server, then go to the next workstation, boot with the network boot disk and ghost the local drive with the image off the server. I can probably get around this issue for the sake of the rollout by using a extra harddrive, but that means i have to crack the case on every machine prior to ghosting, its a rather large pain.

    if anyone has ever had a similar problem feel free to email me. or post here. TIA
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