Can't Create PW Reset Disk in Vista x64 -won't use CD drive

By Debbie23 ยท 4 replies
Aug 8, 2009
  1. Note: I have HP's pre-intstalled Vista hm prem x64. They supplied Recovery Disk (not Vista install disk), so assume that's way they loaded it.

    I did NOT create the PW in the named Administrator's acct YET. The create reset disk wizard says if haven't set a PW, leave the box for it blank, & click next. My CD drive Y: isn't on drop list. I can type it in, but won't acknowledge it for this process. I'm doing this logged in the Admin acct.

    The wizard lets me type in Y: & go to next step, but always says "This disk is not a PW reset disk."
    Of course it's not - yet! I'm creating it - not using it to reset PW.

    It only offers "Removable Disk(s)" H, I, J, K as destinations to create the disk.
    My OS HDD is partitioned, but I didn't create the H,I,J,K drives - Vista did. There are no USB drives attached. The CD /DVD drive is Y:\. Never had any trouble writing to / from it w/ any prgm capable.

    Tried couple different disks. Never had problem w/ this brand disks & this burner. About the only thing didn't try was booting in safe mode & using the "real" Administrator acct that way (if still exists like in XP).

    I could enter PW for the Admin acct, THEN try creating reset disk. But, if still won't work, if you know the current PW, can you reset it to NO PW, or only CHANGE it? I'd kinda like to know create a reset disk will work before entering a PW.

    Suggestions appreciated!
  2. Tmagic650

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    How about writing down your system passwords and storing them in a file forder in your office desk?
  3. Debbie23

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    Hee, hee! Guess should've mentioned my main concern is when (not if) the file / process that stores & allows entering a PW gets corrupted (as I've experienced in other prgms), having the PW doesn't do any good.

    For that matter, in such a case not sure having a reset disk would work either, but hoping.

    In the former, unless bypassing (actually resetting) PW from cmd prompt is possible, a corrupted password file might? force a restore? Just trying to make it easy on myself for worst case scenario.
  4. Debbie23

    Debbie23 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 53

    Read elsewhere the PW reset disk creation won't read / write w/ CDs, even though says it will. Others say use floppy or USB. How many Vista x64 machines have floppy drives?

    Tie up a USB drive to hold the reset info?

    Any one seen this method - for Vista - to reset PW:

  5. Tmagic650

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    It may work fine... It would be interesting to find out. I use the same passwords for everything. Not good in a public or work environment, I know
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