Can't delete files in document folder/magically reappear

By frmarine
Jul 2, 2011
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  1. XP-SP3 : I think i have 2 separate problems here. The first one is a firefox problem about deleted bookmarks reappearing & each days history disappearing after a reboot. I'm working on that. Don't know if it has anything to do with the 2nd one, maybe. I delete programs that i've downloaded in docs & after a reboot, they magically reappear & files i save in docs since this started, disappear. Also, my desktop icons are being switched around after i've put them in order after a reboot. I use firefox 3.6.18 to download these programs, so it may have something to do with the programs reappearing in docs/downloads after a reboot, who knows. I have alot of security programs on here that are all compatible with each other. This isn't a malware problem either as i have run scans & nothing comes up. Malware/trojans try to steal info, not move your icons around & make files reappear. I just added memory 5 days ago from Crucial Memory, although i doubt that has anything to do with this. These problems just started a few days ago. I can't figure out whats going on. Never had these problems before. THANX for your time/help anyone.
  2. ComputerGuy55

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    From what you are discribing it almost seems like the computer is doing a restore/reset, although this is not sappose to effect Files.

    Seems like the computer almost has a saved image that it's loading off of that never changes, any changes taht are made are discarded, then the system reboots to the default it had before changes were made.

    They use a program like this at my College called Deep Freeze:

    No chance you installed something like this by accident? Highly, HIGHLY doubtful but it seems like it's doing pretty much what this software offers.

    It freezes and captures a current installation of windows, then this is re-opened every time the computer stops, so that virus's or installed software/documents do not stay after a restart..

    Something to think about anyways, I've never heard of this issue otherwise.


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