Can't detect my usual wireless network

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Can someone tell me why I can't detect my usual Wireless network. I can see other secured networks. When I go into the properties of the wireless network I can see the network name and all the details which are saved, but it is not recognizing it as available.

There is no problem with the router/network itself as 3 other computers in the house can see it. And yes, the wireless button is turned on.


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Not much we can tell you from here... You may have a hardware failure, or an infestation, or a software error.
First thing I would do is remove, reboot, and reinstall your connection... on what may be a long road to recovery.


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suggest shutdown EVEARYTHING and follow this sequence
  1. power on (PON) the modem and let it stablize (at least 30 seconds)
  2. then PON the router and wait again
  3. lastly PON the system, login
  4. now see if the connection is available
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done that. I tried to restore but found this had been turned off, so I couldn't restore to another good timepoint. damn!
There are different Wireless network protocols - A, B, G, N and maybe some new ones. If your router and your laptop have approximately the same age, likely they will support the same protocols. However if they are from different generation you might have a problem.
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