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Oct 25, 2009
  1. Im pretty sure i downloaded a virus when i downloaded a game called Cabal because whenever i open downloads section it takes 5 min to load and lags real bad while everything else work. When i did antivirus scan using the microsoft security it stops scanning at the cabal file in temp, and after 10 min it says it's working fine and when i deleted the thing it disables my microsoft security and make me lag real bad

    how do i get rid of it
  2. Tmagic650

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  3. Hysterical

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    is microsoft security essential a good anti virus or should i get AVG or Avira
  4. kimsland

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    All 3 are free and good, they all check for known Viruses, it is user preference

    MSE and AVG do a little more protection than Avira with link scanning and Spyware protection
    MSE also requires that you have Automatic Updates always turned on (ie some users prefer manually updating Windows Security files)
    AVG has recently changed to AVG9 but still is a little higher on system resource (to Avira)
    Avira has been on the top of the best free non-biased Antivirus lists for some time
    I use free Avira
  5. Hysterical

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    ok right now i scanned everything and deleted everything but i randomly lost 15 gb of memory ... i checked every everything under cabal and used search function
  6. kimsland

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    Did you originally download Cabal from here:
    If so, it doesn't look like a Virus infected site. Possibly you didn't even have a virus?

    Try uninstalling Cabal fully (if presently installed) then re-download the game
    If you feel you may have Malware installed still, please follow Tmagic650's help and provide the 3 logs

    How is it performing now anyway?
  7. Hysterical

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    ok right now im running CCleaner and after running it i just lost more hard drive space from 83.5 gb - 81.3 gb

    i download cabal from

    is there any possible virus that cause computer to lose hard drive space? cause after using CClean i lost more hard drive space when i should be gaining space right?

    im doing the malwarebyte's antivirus right now

    here is everything
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