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May 20, 2009
  1. I purchased a dell XPS625 which has a realtex audio and cll me dumb but I can't figure out how to hook up my speakers I have 2 speakers and a subwoofer, please any help would help would be great, please feel free to email me

    Thanks volpol
  2. kimsland

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  3. volpol

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    Hi kimsland the sound card is integrated 7.1 channel audio with your realtex manager is that any help
  4. kimsland

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    Yes and no (because I really already knew that ;))
    It does give me the option to reply back to you though :)

    Remove the addon Audio card
    Restart and confirm the onboard (Realtec ;)) is enabled
    Then update the drivers for it, (I posted a general link above)
    Once your sound works perfectly (onboard)
    Then re-install the addon card
    All should be ok :grinthumb

    If not, then just confirm disable of the onboard audio card in System Bios (but the above first bit, is what I'd do first)
  5. kimsland

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    Woops I'm thinking of another thread !

    This isn't a driver fault !

    Sorry about that, just read the manual on the connections
  6. volpol

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    help me again

    on the realtek manager analog back panel there are 5 jacks 1 is black (rear speaker out) 1 blue (line in) 1 orange (center/subwoofer speaker out 1 green (speaker out) 1 gray (side speaker out), i have 2 mini plugs one is orange and one is green were do i plug these in to make the speakers and subwoofer work. any help would great
  7. 9Nails

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    Typically, your left and right speakers go into the Green analog speaker hole on the back of your computer. The subwoofer speaker goes into the Orange analog speaker hole in the back of your computer. (Match the colors on the plugs to the computer)

    Once you've made a connection, Sound Manager typically asks you what you've plugged in and sets up the connection for the option that you pick. This can give you more control over what you hear from those speaker connections since you could, theoretically, set every hole for front left & right speaker if you like. So, don't think of the Sound Manager and it's holes in the back of your computer as tied to specific ports that have to be connected in any certain way. It's programmable.

    If you have any headphones, headsets, or other speaker connections - go ahead and disconnect those now.

    The first thing that you'll do is plug in the Green speaker plug to the Green analog jack, and wait for a pop-up balloon that says you've made a connection. It will say something like, "INFORMATION you've just plugged a device to an audio jack." Click on that if nothing more descriptive shows up. And you should see the Sound Manager now with options for you to pick from. Select the front speaker option.

    Then repeat those steps with the subwoofer, and select the subwoofer option.
  8. LookinAround

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    Checkout these links
    Sound and Recording Tutorial

    Then you'll need to copy/paste this link below to your browser (doesn't seem to work as a hyperlink :confused:
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