Cant find a motherboard diagram

By Russweis
Feb 4, 2010
  1. Hello I have a GT5432 gate way, pc. The old mother board broke and now I had to install a new one. I got it all together but now I cant figure out where the 2 cords go. The light for the power button and the power button its self. it’s a red/Wight cord and a blue/Wight cord if any can find me a diagram on it id be thankful it. The mother board is a HT2000, Serial ATA ATA133. I would start plugging it in randomly but I don’t want it to fry. And if you must know iv been looking for a long time.
  2. dividebyzero

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    This should be your board
    Close up here:
    It sounds like you need the front panel header- it is marked item 9 on the diagram- the black header pin out on the lower right hand edge of the board. For the exact location you'll need the manual I think.
    This should be it:

    The HT2000 is actually an ECS MCP61PM-AM REV:1.0A
    Note: AM is the suffix for motherboard produced for Gateway
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