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Jun 9, 2007
  1. I just recently reinstalled windows and reformated my computer for a fresh start. It says it cant find my video/sound card (I was pretty sure that would happen :X ) So I go to ATI ( and I try and look for my video driver which is a Mobility Radeon 9100/9000 IGP. Sad thing is, they've removed all the articles and downloads for that driver! So Im sitting here going "Wtf how am I supposed to get my computer up and running?". I haven't even bother with the soundcard at the moment because Ive been to busy trying to find a way to get the driver! If I remember correctly ATI doesnt support customer care with there laptops. So Im currently between a rock and a hard place. Could anyone here help me, or fine somewhere I could actually download the driver? I've also tryed several websites that say download from here! I click all there different "mirrors" and links. They all just lead to the ATI websites with an "Error could not find article". Im sorry for such a long post, but Id like to get my computer back up and running!
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    That was the first place I looked "Professional/Home ->Mobility Radeon", from there on theres no 9100/9000. Atleast from what I can see. Could I possibly use another version?

    Can anyone help?
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    There is a 9000 for xp if you look - I'd ignore the Mobility stuff if all that's available is that one.

    Try it.
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    The reason I tryed not to use the XP version is because its Catalyst and Catalyst has a little trick so it wont work with laptops. So I did what Ive done before and went to and downloaded there mod tool so my computer can accept the driver. Its gives me the error "INF error- Video driver not found." ok. Than another severe error "Setup was unable to complete the installation. Try to setup your display adapter with a standard VGA driver before running setup. ok. Than it kicks me out of installation. So am I out of luck or what? *Sigh*

    I also just installed a sound driver "Realtek AC'97 Audio". It matched up and istalled fine. I restarted the computer and tryed to play some of the default music on the computer and low and behold the same "There is a problem with your sound device". This has become very frustrating >:|. I thank you for your time CCT, can you also help me with this?
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