Can't follow 8-step procedure, help remove spyware

By axiao123
Jul 16, 2009
  1. I recently got some kind of spyware on other computer. It changed my wallpaper and Now when i start it up, the spyware blocks all access to any programs. It won't let me run any programs, and every time i do, there's a "system security" bubble on the toolbar that says some .ddl file is corrupt. I have never installed a system security on my computer, and now it blocked all access to other programs and .exe installation files. Furthermore, it won't even let me run regedit or task manager, So I can't follow the 8-step process.

    Is there an alternative method of removing this spyware through boot up or something else?
  2. cosmido

    cosmido TS Rookie Posts: 20


    Download/Run this Fix Policies .
    It suppose to reinstall registry, taskManager and other things like that..

    Download on your desktop >> RSIT << (of random/random) [​IMG]
    • Double-click on RSIT.exe,
    • Click on Continue at Disclaimer screen,
    • RSIT will downlaod HijackThis (if not already install)-> accept the license,
    >> Reports log.txt & info.txt will appear.

    Post both report

    Perhaps you'll to make a click in systray for the second open report
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