Can't get rid of antivirus 2009

By antivirushelp
Nov 19, 2008
  1. Hello, I have a HP Compac/vista only for a few months. Recently i have these annoying popups for antivirus 2009, saying my computer is at risk and to pay for their program. I have AVAST running currently. I went into the tasks and quit running the program each time I boot up, which is fine until I turn the computer on again. I don't know what else to do?
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    Welcome to TS.

    AntiVirus2009 may be a tough one. Your AV program may have hobbled the infection, and this makes things easier.

    We begin by going the traditional route. Here is a sticky quote.
    If unable to obtain or run the tools, then move to after the sticky.

    Alternative 1: Cnet evaluation includes Vista; Publisher web site includes Vista

    Go here & D/L CureIt. Dr-Web-CureIt
    Do not update the tool.
    First, Run the Scan - express mode.
    Next, Run the Scan – complete mode

    Alternative 2: Used if Alt. 1 gives no relief to perform MBAM/SAS scans
    File & instructions courtesy of mflynn

    After each alternative that is used, uninstall, the re-install MBAM & SAS. Update tools.
    MBAM scan
    SAS scan
    HJT scan

    Please report progress and state symptoms that are still present following scans.
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